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Allied Telesis - AT-2911SFP-001
1G SFP PCI Express x1 Network Adapter
Allied Telesis - AT-2911SX/LC-001
1000SX LC PCI Express x1 Adapter Card
Allied Telesis - AT-8000S/48POE
Fast Ethernet Managed PoE Switch
48-port stackable 10/100TX PoE Layer 2 switch (Total power budget 465W)
2 active SFP bays (unpopulated)
2 standby 10/100/1000T port (RJ-45)
Allied Telesis - AT-8100L/8POE-NCB1
Allied Telesis NetCover Basic One Year Support Package
Allied Telesis - AT-9000/28SP-NCB1
Allied Telesis NetCover Basic, 1 Year Support Package
Allied Telesis - AT-9424T/POE
10/100/1000T x 24 ports Power-over-Ethernet managed Ethernet Layer 3 standalone switch with 4 combo SFP bays
Allied Telesis - AT-9448T/SP
Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet Switch
48 port 10/100/1000T
4 combo SFP bay
Allied Telesis - AT-AR027
PIC, VoIP FXS AT-AR400 series, AR700 series, Rapiers with WAN interface
Allied Telesis - AT-FL-X510-AM20
AMF MASTER 20 node license
Allied Telesis - AT-FL-X610-01
x610 Advanced L3 Software
Allied Telesis - AT-FL-X610-02
x610 Advanced L3 Software
Allied Telesis - AT-FL-X930-01
x930 Premium L3 Software
Allied Telesis - AT-FS708/POE
8 port 10/100TX Unmanaged POE Switch with 1 SFP
Allied Telesis - AT-FS709FC
8 port 10/100TX unmanaged switch plus Single port 100FX with internal power supply
Allied Telesis - AT-FS710/8
Yönetilemeyen Fast Ethernet Switch (Unmanaged Fast Ethernet Switch)
8 x 10/100TX
Dahili güç kaynağı
Allied Telesis - AT-FS717FC/SC
Layer 2 Switch Unmanaged, 16 x 10/100TX + 100FX (SC)
Allied Telesis - AT-FS724L
Unmanaged Fast Ethernet Switch
24-port 10/100TX
Internal power supply
Allied Telesis - AT-FS750/16
10/100TX x 16 ports WebSmart switch with 1000T/SFP x 2 combo ports
Allied Telesis - AT-FS750/24POE
Fast Ethernet PoE WebSmart Switch
24 x 10/100TX (12 x 10/100TX IEEE 802.3af PoE port (Port 1 - 12) (Total PoE Budget 100 Watt), 6 x 10/100TX port (15.4W)
2 SFP combo port (1000SX or 1000LX)
Allied Telesis - AT-FS750/28
Eco-Friendly Fast Ethernet WebSmart Switch
24-port 10/100TX
2 x 10/100/1000T
2 x SFP/1000T (combo)

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