Allied Telesis AT-206

AT-200 Series Single Port Transceiver, 10BaseT

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Product Information
This CentreCOM Single-Port Transceiver is a highly reliable compact transceiver for users of Ethernet Local Area Networks (LANs.) This transceiver provides the electronic and physical interface between the Ethernet coaxial cable and the Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 station Data Terminal Equipment (DTE.) The CentreCOM Single-Port Transceivers are available in a variety of configurations, all of which meet the transceiver compliance requirements of IEEE 802.3 and are compatible with Ethernet Version 1.0 and 2.0. The use of industry-standard connectors ensures plug compatibility with all existing cable connectors used in thinnet (10Base-2) installations. This transceiver is compact and offers superior quality and performance characteristics. The use of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) results in increased reliability and ruggedness. Plus, this transceiver is simply and rapidly installed. The compact design permits "pull-through" cable installations along narrow raceways. Sturdy metal construction ensures long-term, reliable operation in both commercial and industrial environments.